4W  /  90 Minutes



All Billie wants is a meaningful, respectable job, but it’s hard to self-motivate when you’re a privileged girl from the suburbs, there are so many cool things on the Internet, and the dogs next-door won’t. stop. barking. If the pressure from her crazy, self-made mother weren’t enough, now her new Cuban-immigrant housekeeper is proving that millennials can work hard, and Billie’s [f]unemployment just got desperate. A fast-paced comedy about what people do with their free time, what sort of people have free time, and how and why each generation climbs the ladder until they’ve made it in America.

Philadelphia New Play Initiative

Local Playwrights Showcase, 2014
Staged Reading of Excerpts
Directed by Sam Bellomo
The Adrienne Theatre

The foundry

Development, 2013 - 2014

Finalist: PlayPenn/Foundry Reading, 2014