Safe Space

Written with Emma Goidel & Douglas Williams
3W, 3M  /  70 Minutes



Coastal cities are flooded. Philly is overrun with refugees. Disease breaks out in the camps and government gives the order: shelter in place. Can you secure your home against the climate change apocalypse? SAFE SPACE! A new house play about environmental science students and their live-action role-playing global warming game.


Produced by Apocalypse Club
Directed by Maura Krause
Featuring Ainyé Annadora, Andrew Carroll, Richard Chan, Trevor William Fayle, Kristen Norine & Hannah Van Sciver

Who wants another fantasy of apocalypse when we can have a play (within a play) like this? . . . This is great theater in the deep sense of that word.
— City Paper
A Fringe adventure. . . . The plot is experimental, but the vignettes show strong naturalistic playwriting, with interactions and characters fleshed out in just a few lines. . . . It’s a wonderfully intimate, immersive theater experience, you don’t want it to end.
— Phindie