Philadelphia Young Playwrights

Philadelphia Young Playwrights is an arts education non-profit that "taps the potential of youth and inspires learning through playwriting".

Some time ago, I happened to be one of those youths whose potential they were trying to tap. It’s one of those rare sort of experiences I had as a young person that I actively point back to and say, yes— yep that— that thing changed my life.

My fortunate encounter with PYP led me to playwriting and sparked my love for teaching. It also deepened my belief that arts education fosters the increasingly crucial voice of our younger generation.

I now serve as the Literary Manager for the Paula Vogel Mentor’s Project, a yearlong mentorship program that pairs our most advanced young writers with some of the country's most prominent professional playwrights. 

I am also the Programming Director for the Alumni Council, which supports young writers and other professionals as they enter the next iteration of their careers. 

Many of my creative tendencies came out of PYP so if you are interested in my work, consider peeping around their programming to learn about all the rad and essential work they do for this city.